Wealthy Affiliate Review- Kyle & Carson Are Legit

Wealthy affiliate is a place where one can go to learn about making money from online business. They basically help you start you own business, build your website and give you a stable source of income. It is a growing community of over ten thousand members who can lend valuable guidance to a newcomer looking to start earning money online.

You can look at Wealthy Affiliate as a training center in internet marketing. It is a community of entrepreneurs who interact with each other and provide an educational platform for newcomers. If you put in sufficient time and effort you can see your business grow and also earn a good amount of money. Wealthy affiliate is definitely not a get rich quick program and won’t make you a millionaire overnight. Also it is not another one of those questionable multi-level marketing schemes.

Wealthy affiliate is designed to cater to the needs of everyone and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t touched a computer in your life. Easy tutorials are present which help you design and manage your own website. It can also serve as a means to earn some extra cash for stay at home moms or dads, people who can’t travel to work because of injury etc.

How It Works 

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate program you begin with boot camp training and two sites. These are completely free of charge and are included in the basic membership plan. You can go through the training videos and material and decide for yourself if affiliate marketing is your cup of tea. You will have to then decide an area or topic about which you will write. Find a Niche or a topic about which you can write about and select keywords which will attract visitors to your site.

The basic layout of your page should look authentic since your whole business revolves around consistent number of visitors to your website. You can have a landing page or home page and a product page. The product page is the most important and it is here that you can write about your area of interest. If you pay attention to the tips and trainings given by Wealthy Affiliate you can construct your website in such a way that it is ranked highly among search engine hits.

This in turn paves the way or a large number of visitors to your website. Once a company sees the amount of traffic your site is attracting they will be ready to make you an affiliate. And for every sale that you bring in you get to earn a small cut. Search Engine Optimization techniques are taught and discussed at Wealthy Affiliate to improve the ranking of your website.

We take a look at the four main steps of the Wealthy Affiliate program and how it helps you to become a successful internet entrepreneur.

1. Chose an Interest

Try to pick a hobby that gets you motivated and excited when you think about it. There are many ideas available online that you can tap into and you will get help at the Wealthy Affiliate initiative to select the topic best suited to you. You can start with something extremely basic like basketball shoes and make it into a multi dollar business. There are about 2.8 billion internet users and that means that you will have a wide target audience regardless of what interest you chose. The goal here is to have fun at work and Wealthy Affiliate is based on the premise that if one is passionate about what you are doing, success is sure to follow. There are pre-selected topics available and tips on how to narrow down your options to an area according to your requirements.

2. Build a Website

The next step in the Wealthy Affiliate program is to build a website to promote your products or services. It takes mere seconds to do this within Wealthy Affiliate. You can have a revenue ready, attractive website up and running in about 30 seconds. The success of your business venture depends on this website and it will serve as the foundation for your plans. There are multiple designs you can chose from and tweak the look and feel of the website. You will be able to review, write about and discuss anything related to your chosen topic.

3. Attract Visitors

Now once your website is up and running, your next objective is to get people to visit your site. A website is completely useless if people are not visiting it. The first few lessons taught at Wealthy Affiliate is how to attract visitors to your site. You will learn about the latest internet traffic techniques and how to increase your ranking in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. Once you get people on to your website, they can start accessing the information on your site.

4. Earn Revenue

One you have sufficient traffic on your website, you can join up for special affiliate programs which are free. Here you promote goods and services and receive a commission based on sales. You are not responsible for the product be it creation, shipping or sales. Basically you send the traffic to the company site and if the redirected visitor purchases something from their site you get a hefty commission. There a millions of products available which you can promote through this affiliate scheme. For example if you were selling basketball shoes, there are thousands of shoe retailers that sell this product. And your website where you provide information on basketball shoes, can redirect visitors to any of these retailers. It is a win-win for you as get yourself a good amount of money by just joining up for the affiliate programs.

These four steps form the core of the Wealthy Affiliate program and help a newcomer gradually set up a valid income source. If you play it right and put in the right amount of hard work, you can earn thousands of dollars every month from your affiliate setup.

Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

. Step by step trainings are available to guide people new to online business. These are constantly updated to keep in touch with the ever changing traffic techniques and ranking algorithms. Many new tutorials are added each day to provide that extra edge to earn a few more dollars. Also the members themselves can contribute materials and share their own tricks and secrets.

. Extremely simple website building tools are available which make it simple to build attractive websites. It can be done easily even if you don’t have technical knowledge and the best part of the deal is that you can do it free of cost.

. Live trainings are available every week which are always designed to cater to a wide audience, and hence are not too technically complicated. This makes it easier for newer member to understand the concepts and ease into the program.

. Wealthy Affiliate also can provide direct one on one coaching which offers a high level of support. Even the owners Kyle and Carson are approachable and you can send them messages and expect a reply. The whole program is a community of individuals with a common aim and everyone is ready to offer help and guidance at any step along the way.

. You will be joining a Community Network of thousands of people who are earning or want to earn money while working from home. Many experienced members are available who will share special tricks and techniques they have built over time in this field. You can make friends, send messages, chat in special forums and build your network by connecting with people.

Support and Community Network

Support at Wealthy Affiliate can happen almost anywhere. You have live trainings, live chat rooms, topic wise training modules and much more.

1. 24/7 Live Support

When you join the community you get access to a chat that is going on every minute of the day, every day of the year. There a lot of very knowledgeable people operational on Wealthy Affiliate who will be more than happy to share what they have learnt over the years. So if you have a query or doubt at any point of time live chat is the solution. You can post your issue on the chat and any one of the experts available at that point of time can help you out. Many experts who are well versed in the field of online business frequently attend community chat rooms and can lend a helping hand.

2. Discussions

Also there are thousands of discussions that take place in the Wealthy Affiliate network. You can exhibit your knowledge of a particular topic, hear from other members or simply lurk and absorb information as more experienced people exchange ideas.

3. Personal Coaching

Wealthy affiliate offers a level of personal coaching which is missing from all other affiliate programs. Experts are available with expertise in a wide range of topics, and they are willing to help you out. Even the owners Kyle and Carson, respond to messages personally and can help you out with any marketing or business queries. There are many internet millionaires in the Wealthy Affiliate community and you can learn from once you become a member.

4. Pay it Forward Principal

With a community of over ten thousand members, Wealthy Affiliate has a good blend of experienced members and newcomers. The people who have succeeded were offered the necessary help when they needed it the most, and they in turn are willing to pass on their insights to the new members. The internet has avenues for millions of people to succeed and sharing of tips and ideas among members makes Wealthy Affiliate one of the best programs out there. Besides training, learning directly from others goes a long way in bringing about success.

5. Spam Free Environment

Wealthy affiliate has strict no spam policy and assures users that they will not be the recipients of any shady annoying mails form third parties. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam; it is the real deal and provides you with the essential components needed to start a successful business venture. All communication from Wealthy Affiliate will be related solely to expanding your affiliate network and improving your business prospects.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides a number of high quality services which can be very useful for people looking to make it big in the online business game. They offer high performance based cloud web hosting. They assure that their servers don’t get overload so that your website offers better service for visitors. Also if your website performs better there is a better chance at getting ranked higher.

Premium members can sign up for the monitoring service that checks your site throughout the day for any errors or issues. Premium members also get full time website support that helps you with any technical issues. Website monitoring can help protect your website against malicious attacks or dangerous activities throughout the day. Wealthy affiliate also has a good support network in place that helps you out with related issues.

Wealthy affiliate has an ambassador program in place which rewards people who contribute within the community. They monitor people who have actively helped fellow members and are active in communities. Also it has referral scheme in place which rewards members who can bring in new joiners.

All in all Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent option for people who want to start an online business and earn some money. It can translate to anything from a part time job to a full time one bringing in thousands of dollars every month. There are many success stories on display in the Wealthy Affiliate community and this serves as motivation for the people who keep signing up for this lucrative program. The owners have made the basic package completely free and only those who wish to get more premium services need to pay. One must understand that this is a valid job and with enough effort you can earn a good amount of money. It is a forum where you can meet and interact with many people who share the similar aim of making money of the internet.

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