Profit Streams Online Review: Old Scam Tricks

There’s false and exaggerated advertising, then there’s that from Profit Streams Online. They promise you $2.8 billion a month just by working at home. Is it coding? Nope, you only need basic typing skills. Is it developing apps? Nope, it’s just as easy as using Facebook. Do I need to install or download complicated software and then learn how to use them? Nope, just an internet connection will do. Does this mean I’m about to be rubbing elbows with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and all the other billionaires of the world? With billions of monthly earnings (according to the site), then the answer is ABSOLUTELY!


Thank you, Forest for summing up everything I feel about this system or product or whatever it is.


First of all, you’re introduced to Kelly Scott – a working single mother who only wanted to provide for her kids and still spend enough time with them. Her sob story is so heart-wrenching it will make Nicholas Sparks burst into tears. But then, like how Cinderella found her fairy godmother who magically transformed her entire ensemble (turning the pumpkin into a carriage and the mice into horses in the process), Kelly came across something that changed her life. Yup, it’s the Profit Streams Online.

The problem here is, Kelly’s as real as a Disney Princess. The creators of this scam figured out a way to appeal to the masses – by making them believe they can do it just like Kelly.

Second, well actually everything else is a lie too.


On the home page, they ask for your name, address, postal code, phone number and email. Wait, you want my private information when I know nothing about what kind of business I’m getting myself into? That hardly seems fair!

But what will they do if you give it to them? They’re going to sell it. Companies would pay a lot to get their hands on your phone and email. They’ll spam your inbox and call you non-stop with various offers which are not beneficial to you – their aim is to get you to spend as much as you can so it can fatten their wallets.



See that part about Amazon paying you? That’s a joke. This is a link-posting scam wherein you’re required to post ads. After which, you should hope and pray someone falls for the bait (just like you did), click on the link and buy from your third-party client. That client is the “internet company” that will pay you. Too bad big names like Amazon don’t like to get involved with ventures like this.


Nope, you also need to “invest” before you can get started and you won’t be earning a billion in one month. In fact, you will ONLY be getting paid in small increments. You spend a lot of time and money into this risky opportunity with little to no returns. And let’s not forget the salespeople who will encourage you to take coaching programs which are either outdated or not helpful or both.


Close the window or tab, watch Netflix and then chill. Or turn off your computer, go out for a nice cup of cappuccino and read a book. Or call your friend and hang out. Or go to the kitchen and re-heat the leftover pizza.

Actually, do anything except fall for this scam. It has been going on for years and sadly, people are still signing up and getting scammed. Don’t be one of them.


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