My Survey Review: Money-Making Portal or Scam?

Finding legit paid survey sites is like looking for a needle in a haystack (almost impossible what with all the scammers just waiting to pounce on you) – fortunately for us, My Survey is that needle and we found it. Thanks to the endless scams flooding the internet, I am always laced with doubt and suspicion when checking out new companies. But My Survey is not a newbie. It was established so long ago – think mail and old-school telephone – and they simply brought their services at par with today’s technology. So instead of receiving snail mail and sending it back, they jumped on the bandwagon and used the fastest and most efficient means to distribute and collect the questionnaires – online.


First and most important thing of all – it’s legit. There’s no question about it. But more than that, joining is for free. Now we may recall several similar survey portals or sites which ask for membership fees. That didn’t make any sense because they get their income from the big companies conducting the market research. With My Survey, they won’t be collecting any money from you.

And in case you’re wondering, there have been very few complaints regarding non-payment. In short, members receive what’s due to them.

In addition, here are some of the pros and cons you may want to check out:


  • In other sites, you need to answer a pre-survey to determine if you are qualified to proceed to the actual survey. It can be frustrating because the pre-survey can take up to 15 minutes only for you to be told you don’t qualify. That’s wasted time because you don’t get paid. With My Survey, you will be notified upfront if you’re not the candidate they’re looking for. At least, they know how to value your time.
  • Another thing about this company is its honesty and transparency. They will tell you what you’re getting at the beginning. Some surveys will take 10 minutes while others need about 45 minutes to be completed – either way, you will be informed.
  • The gift cards can be redeemed from big retailers.



  • This is something you should really know about especially since I have a feeling you’re already half-convinced to sign up. The payout processing is pretty slow. It can take around 4-8 weeks before you can claim your cash or gift card. But hey, at least you’re ensured you can really get paid.
  • Comparing them to other sites, they have fewer surveys. And you need to check in once in a while so you can read notifications about surveys you may be qualified to take.


My Survey is not a scam. If you want a few dollars here and there and do a little shopping on Amazon, this might be a good idea. But if you’re thinking of going full-time and working on this solely, I wouldn’t recommend that. Remember that it takes time to process your earnings so it’s not something you can rely on financially. Besides, it’s not the best way to make money online. It should be something you do on your free time not something you hope could replace your day job.




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