Google Sniper 3.0 Review: An Updated Scam?

Google Sniper 3.0 is a not-so upgraded version of the one they launched more than five years ago. It’s basically like paying a few extra dollars so you can add coleslaw and egg to your burger. Does it taste good? Yes. Is it worth the price? I highly doubt that.


So for the record, you need to understand that this product is not newbie friendly. It’s valuable to experienced internet marketers but for those who can’t tell MLM from affiliate marketing, then I’m telling you upfront that this might not be for you.


Upsells are pretty common in almost any product but even more so in shady programs like this. The course has a one-time fee of $47. Should you decide to include the ‘Sniper X’, be careful because there’s a tiny, barely decipherable print below that there will be a monthly bill until you cancel. The Google Sniper Elite Package costs $197 and the Copy Me Case Study is at $97. Yes my friends, it just went from less than fifty bucks to more than a hundred in a matter of seconds.


The member’s area contains the core module training, Sniper X training, and the Bulletproof Module. I wish I could say that something’s new here but unfortunately, majority of the ‘lessons’ have been recycled from the 2.0 version. The logo and layout are probably the only NEW ones. Anyway, the videos are mediocre at best. Besides, some of the videos seem to be PLR products. I don’t know who Paul is but he’s the one talking about certain strategies. And in case you don’t know, PLR or Private Label Rights products are anything that you can buy, re-brand and use however you want and sell. They’re not just outdated but have usually very low quality – two things which can never help you build a steady stream of online income.

If you went for the Elite Package, there’s an Empire Module included which only teaches you how to outsource people from sites like Fiverr. George Brown makes it sound easy but in reality, it’s not.

Despite all that, I’d like to give credit where it’s due. There are some parts in the training which are pretty decent and they do offer something valuable. The basic tips are okay but be careful since George suggests promoting the program by messaging your family and friends directly on Facebook. He will also provide you with sample templates you can use that will include YOUR link. If you do that, you might just lose friends fast. That’s one of the most unethical ways of making money. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that.


Google Sniper 3.0 is full of hype and that’s it. The little value I found in the training can be easily overshadowed by all the upsells, shady tactics and outdated information. Add in the fact that George tried to sneak in a monthly payment for those who aren’t careful enough. It’s a scam that has been repackaged nicely in the hopes that he can still get away with it.

Third time’s the charm? I don’t think so.





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