Click Intensity Review: Easy Money or Scam?

Click Intensity, like every other revshare program out there, is for those who have money to spare — basically any amount that you can afford to lose. It’s just like the most expensive smartphone right now. If you have around ten thousand bucks sitting around and you want something new for yourself, then go ahead and buy that $999 phone. But if you have just enough, NEVER EVER save up diligently just so you can shell out that cash. Think about it, when you spend that hard-earned thousand dollars, you’re left with a new phone and an empty wallet. That’s bad investment.

The basic premise of any high yield investment program (HYIP) like Click Intensity is that unlike the usual MLM structure, the revenue is being divided or shared among all ‘investors.’ This revenue comes from new members or sign-ups. However, this is just one way of making money. Another is by recruiting people where you can earn 10% commission.

While all that sounds peachy, there are several things you have to understand:

  • This is not a double-your-money scheme. Too often we get invited to join programs which urge us to spend more because in a few days’ or weeks’ time, it will double or triple in amount. Yeah and unicorns will magically appear in your parking lot too.
  • The returns are neither guaranteed nor fast. This is why I emphasized the need to join ONLY when you have money to spare. The money will stop coming in if there are no new members because as I’ve mentioned, that’s the main source of revenue. And unless you have superhero powers which can easily convince people to pitch in and join, you’re not getting any ‘profit’ the week after you joined.
  • There are no refunds so you should be willing to part with your cash once you put it in just in case.
  • Small investment means small gains. Those who know how to play the HYIP game know the rules by heart and they put in plenty of money with the understanding of course that there’s still the likelihood of losing it all.
  • This is not a good long-term source of income. In fact, it should not be your sole source of funds AT ALL.

I hope I’ve made those points abundantly clear – there’s risk written all over them and if you have even a tiny bit of doubt, don’t do it. It’s not a gold mine – you won’t wake up to thousands of dollars on your bank account overnight. Don’t start counting your potential earnings the moment you put in your money because as I said, there are no guarantees here. If you’re going to invest, you shouldn’t be sweating buckets at the possibility of it going down the drain because that just MIGHT happen.


Unlike other revshare programs, Click Intensity currently has only one pack available: The Gold Pack which costs $25.


That’s not a bad price but then again, if you want to earn more, you have to go beyond the 25 bucks because that’s not really going to take you far.


Click Intensity is not a scam but it’s an extremely risky venture. I keep on repeating this because you should always know what you’re getting yourself into. You may have friends who are earning decent profits from their investments but remember, that’s not always the case. This could add some money into your pocket but don’t rely on it too much. Find something that’s sustainable and consistent — it won’t just help with the bills but you will reap more financial benefits in the long run.


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