Automated Wealth Network Review: Legit Money-Making Opportunity Or Scam?

‘Automated’ and ‘Wealth’ should never be in the same sentence let alone used as a company name but it is what it is – the Automated Wealth Network. Okay, before we dig deeper into what this is all about, something caught my eye on their website’s home page which is one of the things they boast about. Check it out:


I get it, they’re trying to sell this stuff really hard but it doesn’t take a scientist to understand that such shortcuts will inevitably lead to longer and more inconvenient delays. What am I talking about? Building your own successful online business takes time. There’s nothing out there that can turn you into an overnight millionaire – unless you hit the lotto jackpot or you suddenly found yourself the heir of a great great uncle’s estate.


According to the owners Tim Chesonis and Mike Cocan, they figured out a way of creating a “predictable systematic approach to earning an online income.” Their lessons are free. Yeah, right. Sign me up for a free burger at McDonald’s too.

If there’s anything you should be wary of, it’s that free stuffs aren’t always good and good stuffs aren’t for free.

So anyway, AWN is all about incentive marketing. Once you’ve signed up and given them your name and email to get your ‘free lesson’, you will be directed to another longer video of Tim explaining what this big secret is. No, it’s not MLM, networking or even affiliate marketing. You don’t need to ‘bug your family and friends’. Alright then, I’m all ears.

Big companies pay marketing agencies to find marketers who can direct people into filling out offers or trials. You’re that marketer. And each time someone successfully completes those offers, you get your commission.

Wait, I’m having a little déjà vu. I don’t care how he calls it, it’s still how affiliate marketing works.

And then Tim goes on about how this is not for everyone because apparently, for reasons known only to him, it’s absolutely difficult to tap into those marketing agencies into giving your that wonderful opportunity as the marketer.



Yeah, I totally see how this is extremely hard for the common folk.


Are you ready to find out the catch here?


After getting access to the member’s area, you’ll see that the FREE tutorials are locked. This is where the My Cash Freebies (MCF) program comes in. In order to unlock the next part, you need 1 credit from MCF. You can get this credit by filling out at least four offers. On and on until you realize you’ve just gotten deeper into their sales funnel. The truth is, these are not free offers contrary to what you’ve been made to believe. Some of them, like magazine subscriptions, require you to present your credit card.

But wait, that’s not all.


AWN will also introduce you to Power Lead System (PLS) which offers several tools ranging from auto-responder to pop-up creator to lead capture page creator. It has a 7-day free trial period and if you fail to cancel, you’ll be billed $27/month.


Nope, Tim also encourages you to refer people to AWN so you can get $33 for each successful referral (meaning they have to complete the offers etc., pretty much like what you just did).


Automated Wealth cannot be directly tagged as a scam but with all its half-truths, misinformation and misleading statements; in a way it is. Tim says it’s not affiliate marketing but you can go ahead and Google what affiliate marketing is and you’ll realize it’s the same thing they’re offering. Tim also tells you it’s not networking but since they’re heavily urging you to refer anyone you know, that’s pretty much the same thing too. Does it have an actual product? No. Are the tutorials worth the price? No. You can find better and more updated information on the internet at a lower cost. Even their recommended tools aren’t the best there is. If you do decide to sign up, it’s at your own risk but I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone.




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